Case Studies

Some of our success stories

Case Study 1

Client - Young couple on an average income, started with us in their late 20's.

Goal - $300,000p.a. passive income by 45 years old.

Five properties have been purchased in four years. Using cash for the first two and acquiring the others using the equity in the portfolio. The balance of high yield and high growth properties means they are holding onto $2,650,000 worth of property, while generating $600 of net income per month. We have projected a growth of 6% ($172,250) per annum and it is not costing them a cent to hold onto.

Case Study 2

Client - Young couple in their mid 30's with 2 children.

Goal - $100,000 Passive income within 10 years.

Strategy – Accumulate three properties over the first two years, each valued at approximately $400,000. There will be enough projected growth after the second property to fund further purchases or additions with equity. After purchasing the third property we then put a granny flat in each, nearly doubling the rent. Then contributing an additional $200 per week will allow them to pay any mortgage off in under 10 years. Leaving them unencumbered with a passive income of $117,000 per annum.

Case Study 3

Client - Young couple in their mid 30's.

Goal – Repay mortgage on family home faster.

After purchasing their family home, they were concerned a majority of their income would be allocated to the mortgage for the next 30 years. As their family home has increased in value, we were able to use the equity of the principle residence to purchase two dual-occupancy properties, which are positively geared by $900 per month. This $900 per month was put onto their mortgage to allow them to pay it off much faster.

Case Study 4

Client - Young professional couple, extremely time poor, soon to be married.

Goal – A home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

After missing out on several properties, they engaged our services to source and negotiate a property for them. After 40+ inspections, 100+ phone calls, 150+ letter box drops to owners of properties which met their brief, we managed to secure a home off-market. 5% below market value and before anyone else got the chance to view the property. We only showed the client 2 of the 40 properties as most were either inappropriate or misguided on price. Removing any potential lost time and emotional stress for the client.


- Martyn Williams -

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